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Navid Noor Company is a manufacturing and exporting company which is located in Isfahan, Iran since 1997 and is proud of being the member of Iran’s Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Products Exports Union. It has honor of being exclusively dedicated to the shareholders who are hemophilia patients of several provinces of Iran.

By Establishing and operating several manufacturing-exporting units specially big plant of different grade of White Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline & Paraffin Wax and also Gas Meter & Regulator Factory . . .

Petroleum jelly

Navid Noor Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Petroleum Jellies

NOOR Petroleum Jellies are widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, where they are employed as processing aids, as softener for adjusting hardness, in many lotions and creams (e.g. cleansing milk, lipid-replenishing cosmetics and sun protection agents).

NPJ822 & NPJ722 are very high-grade petroleum jellies with excellent oil-binding capacity, especially for the pharmaceutical industry.We have special grades which are particularly resistant to heat and suitable for countries with tropical climates.

Central Office :

No.342, 1st Fl,2nd phase, Kosar complex, Isfahan-Iran.

Tel : 031 36204501-3

Fax : 031 36204853

Chemical Products Manufactured Complex :

No.7 ,9th St., 2nd phase ,Industrial area ofMobarake,Isfahan-Iran

Tel : 031 52373040

Fax : 031 52373041

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Tel : 031 52373356

Fax : 031 52373836

Tehran Office :

Unit 5 ,No. 36, Nazari alley ,Fajr St.MotahariAve.Tehran-Iran.

Tel : 021 88810233

Fax : 021 88849971