Fully Refined Paraffin Wax:

Noor Fully refined paraffin wax is a refined, pure, and crystalline wax derived from petroleum. It undergoes a meticulous refining process to remove impurities, resulting in a clean, white, and odorless product. Our fully refined paraffin wax is highly sought after for its exceptional quality and versatility, making it a preferred choice in various industries.

Key Features of Our Fully Refined Paraffin Wax:

– High melting point and low oil content- Excellent consistency and smooth texture- Non-toxic and food-grade options available- Ideal for candle making, cosmetics, food packaging, and pharmaceutical applications- Customizable packaging to suit your specific needs

Semi Refined Paraffin Wax:

Semi refined paraffin wax is a partially refined wax with a slightly lower purity level than fully refined paraffin wax. It maintains many of the beneficial properties of fully refined paraffin wax, making it a cost-effective alternative for certain applications. Our semi refined paraffin wax offers an excellent balance between quality and affordability.

Key Features of Our Semi Refined Paraffin Wax:

– Lighter and Snow White color and moderate oil content 3-5% & 1-3%
– Versatile applications in candle making, rubber, and industrial products
– Cost-effective option without compromising on performance
– Available in various grades and melting points

Why Choose Noor Wax and Jelly for Paraffin Wax?

– Uncompromising Quality: Noor paraffin wax undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure consistent performance and purity.
– Customization: We offer tailored solutions to match your specific requirements, from product specifications to packaging.
– Competitive Pricing: As a leading manufacturer, we offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.
– Global Reach: We cater to clients worldwide, ensuring prompt and reliable deliveries.
– Environmental Responsibility: We prioritize sustainable practices and responsible sourcing.
– Offices in 7 countries across 4 continents
– Most special multi layer packaging to avoid any leakage or damage during transportation by the Navid Noor Polymer  risk zero policy

Paraffin wax is the primary raw material utilized in the production of candles and is also used in the manufacture of rubber and tires, chipboard, plastics, foodstuffs, food packaging, printing inks and paints, textiles, asphalt and many other products. For decades, Navid Noor has been concentrating on the development and optimization of paraffin and petroleum jellies for a large number of different applications. Paraffin wax produced in different grades such as following and as per the requirements of our clients.


Packing: 4 x 6 kg slabs In pp bags or cartons.

Paraffin Wax 1-3

Paraffin Wax 3-5

Paraffin Wax 5-8

Fully refined paraffin wax 0.7% oil