Navid Noor enjoys a commercial team including professional individuals who are experiences in the field of oil products and petrochemicals. The team tries to provide raw materials with best quality so that our customers assure they will obtain the best products and services.
Navid Noor commercial team provides you the best and most effective services and supports you in all steps of your orders. Our commercial managements and policies are developed in way to fill clients’ expectation as comply with business identification.
In addition to the basic requirements such as 100% tractability of batches, comprehensive quality control in terms of pharmacopoeia monographs, and many other details, we have laid down the highest standards for the filling of petroleum jellies, in particular. The drums are filled in new installations in line with stringent hygiene requirements and to some extent under a protective atmosphere with filtered air in a isolated system. This is combined with production in an isolated tank and pipeline systems, ensures that we reach a standard level which has been given approval certificate by Iran Food and Drug Organisation.
It goes without saying that our company maintains an integrated management system. We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational safety and health).

Navid Noor Advantages – GMP, ISO

Navid Noor supplies first-class products offering many benefits for the user. Our products are available all over the world. What’s more! our technical expertise extends from Isfahan province to all destinations, either directly or via our contacts and sales partners. Our production facilities and processes benefit from our constant efforts to improve and innovate. 
We are thoroughly familiar with the special requirements of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries. We have committed ourselves to production and documentation in accordance with the GMP rules.