Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Foot Oil and Residue Wax - Innovative Uses

Foot oil and residue wax are often overlooked byproducts of various industries, but their potential applications go far beyond their traditional uses. In this article, we explore the untapped opportunities of utilizing foot oil and residue wax on your website. Discover how these unique substances can add value, enhance user experience, and contribute to sustainability efforts.

1. Sustainable Packaging Solutions:

Foot oil and residue wax can be incorporated into eco-friendly packaging materials. These sustainable alternatives can reduce your website’s environmental footprint, attracting environmentally-conscious customers and contributing to a greener future.

2. Natural Beauty Products:

Leverage the nourishing properties of foot oil to develop organic skincare products. Introduce a line of natural lotions, balms, and creams that will appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking clean beauty options.

3. Eco-Friendly Candles:

Residue wax from various industries can be repurposed to create eco-friendly candles. Highlight the sustainability aspect of these candles on your website to attract eco-conscious customers looking for responsible alternatives.

4. Cleaning and Polishing Products:

Use foot oil as a key ingredient in non-toxic cleaning and polishing solutions. Promote these eco-friendly products on your website, catering to customers seeking safe and effective cleaning options for their homes.

5. Leather Care Products:

Residue wax can be utilized in formulating leather care products such as conditioners and waterproofing agents. Highlight the benefits of these natural alternatives on your website to appeal to leather enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious consumers.

6. Artistic Medium:

Explore the artistic potential of foot oil and residue wax. Showcase unique artworks, sculptures, or handicrafts created using these materials on your website to attract art enthusiasts looking for innovative and eco-friendly pieces.

7. Wellness and Aromatherapy:

Promote the calming and therapeutic properties of foot oil through aromatherapy products such as essential oils and diffusers. Create a dedicated section on your website to showcase these wellness products to your audience.

8. Health and Fitness Supplements:

Leverage the nutritional properties of foot oil to create health and fitness supplements. Highlight the health benefits of these products and their sustainable sourcing on your website to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Foot’s oil
1- NFO
oil content: 25-35%
packing: In second-hand 175 kg drums

Foots Oil


Accepted Limit




7 – 9 cst

Kinematic Viscosity at 100 C



40– 44 °C

Melting Point



25 – 35 %

Oil Content



38 – 42 °C

Congealing Point


0.78 – 0.89gr/cm3

Specific Gravity


Emulsion Understanding its Versatile Applications and Benefits

Emulsion wax is a versatile substance that has found its way into various industries due to its unique properties and wide-ranging applications. In this article, we delve into the world of emulsion wax, exploring its composition, manufacturing process, and the diverse industries that benefit from its use. From cosmetics and coatings to pharmaceuticals and food, emulsion wax proves to be an invaluable ingredient with numerous advantages.

1. What is Emulsion Wax?

Emulsion wax is a finely dispersed mixture of wax particles in water, stabilized with emulsifiers. The process of creating emulsion wax involves blending waxes with water and surfactants, resulting in a stable emulsion that can be easily incorporated into various products.

2. Cosmetics and Personal Care:

In the cosmetics industry, emulsion wax serves as a vital ingredient in creams, lotions, and makeup products. Its emollient properties help retain moisture, providing a smooth and soft texture to skin and hair care formulations. Discover how emulsion wax enhances product stability and improves the overall user experience.

3. Coatings and Paints:

Emulsion wax is widely used in the coatings and paints industry to impart desired properties such as scratch resistance, water repellency, and matting effects. Learn how this wax optimizes coating formulations and contributes to the performance of decorative and protective paints.

4. Pharmaceuticals and Food:

Explore the lesser-known applications of emulsion wax in the pharmaceutical and food industries. From modified-release drug delivery systems to edible coatings for fruits and confectioneries, emulsion wax offers ingenious solutions for enhancing drug efficacy and food preservation.

5. Paper and Packaging:

Emulsion wax finds its way into the paper and packaging industry, where it acts as a water-repellent and improves the printability of papers. Delve into the role of this wax in enhancing paper performance and its eco-friendly potential in sustainable packaging solutions.

6. Textiles and Fibers:

Discover how emulsion wax enhances the functionality of textiles by providing water-repellency and softness. Learn about its impact on the textile industry and its contribution to sustainable and durable fabric finishes.

7. Industrial Applications:

Emulsion wax plays a crucial role in various industrial applications, including mold release agents, polishing compounds, and anti-blocking agents. Uncover the benefits of this wax in improving manufacturing processes and reducing production costs.

8. Environmental Considerations:

Discuss the eco-friendly nature of emulsion wax compared to traditional wax-based products. Highlight its water-based nature and reduced VOC emissions, making it an environmentally conscious choice for many industries.

Navid Noor Polymer Emulsion wax stands as a versatile and eco-friendly substance with applications spanning multiple industries. From cosmetics and coatings to pharmaceuticals and food, this finely dispersed mixture of wax particles in water offers a plethora of benefits. Embrace the innovation and sustainability that emulsion wax brings to your industry, and explore its potential to revolutionize product formulations and enhance overall performance.

Data Sheet 
Certificate of Analysis 
Wax Emulsion 60 

1AppearanceLiquid of milky-white color
2Solid Content,%60
3Acidity ,pH7 – 8
4Density @ 20 ˚C0.85 – 0.95
5Particle Size, micron1 – 5
6TypeAnionic and Nonionic Emulsion
7Solubility in WaterGood
8Stability while PumpingGood
9Using ConditionAt Normal Temperature
10Storage ConditionFrom +5 ˚C to +40 ˚C
11Storage DurationLess than 6 months