white petroleum jelly manufacturer

white petroleum jelly manufacturer

White petroleum jelly is one of the highest-demand products of Navid Noor company. The quality of the product and its high standards are the reason for such demands from our company. Furthermore, the effort of all the workers and managers of the company in doing their duty in the best way possible is more important in producing a high-quality product. Controlling the process of production by a team of experts results in high-quality products which is our main aim in this industry. For more information about white petroleum jelly, follow the article.

white petroleum jelly manufacturer

Navid Noor company is the biggest white petroleum jelly manufacturer in Iran with remarkable experiences in this industry. White petroleum jelly is produced from hydrocarbons with 25 carbons or higher. It is a semisolid product which means that it can take the shape of its packing like liquids, while it is not fluid at room temperature. This product has 3 different colors white, yellow, and pale yellow. Petroleum jelly is pure when its color goes toward whiteness. It is an odorless and tasteless product and insoluble in water. Since it has healing properties, doctors use it as a topical ointment. White petroleum jelly is a high-consumption product in the pharmaceutical industry and for different types of ailments such as diaper rash, nose bleeds, common colds and toenail fungus is applicable. Alongside pharmaceutical uses, white petroleum jelly is a main ingredient in the cosmetic and skincare industry as well.

Skincare and haircare

Navid Noor as the white petroleum jelly manufacturer tries its best to produce high-quality products suitable for the skincare and haircare industry. The main benefit of white petroleum jelly is its moisturizing effect. Navid Noor NPJ422 grade of white petroleum jelly is a special grade produced for its pharmaceutical uses. This grade would be a help for the dry skins and those who have chapped skins as well. Because by creating a barrier on the skin, the product helps the skin to preserve its moisture and doesn’t become dry. If you use the product regularly, you will have a soft and smooth skin.

Lip balm

Most people have the problem of dry lips. A white petroleum jelly manufacturer like Navid Noor company is trying its best to produce a skin-friendly product so that people won’t have dry skin and dry lip problems. The best way to prevent dry lips is using a lip balm. The main ingredient of a lip balm is white petroleum jelly which is specially produced for such stuff. The moisturizing effect of NPJ722 grade of our white petroleum jelly alongside its high quality and non-toxicity makes it a safe product that can prevent dry lips problems.

A healing product

NPJ722 is another grade of Navid Noor company white petroleum jelly is a great healing product for skin, due to its gentle nature and soothing characteristic. Therefore, the product is a remarkable aid for minor cuts, scars, scraps, and sunburns.

An ideal make-up remover

White petroleum jelly manufacturers must produce high-quality products that are suitable for the human body. If the quality of the product is top-level, then there is no fear of using it in industries like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. White petroleum jelly is an effective product for removing whole makeup and even long-lasting lipsticks and waterproof mascaras. The moisturizing effect of the product helps the skin to retain its moisturizing condition while removing the whole make-up.

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Conclusion on white petroleum jelly manufacturer

Navid Noor company is the biggest white petrolatum manufacturer in the industry with more than 180 workers and managers. By having more than 850 clients from 55 countries around the world, Navid Noor Polymer has become a strong member of the industry since 1997. By reaching a cluster of achievements, the company could introduce itself as an effective and popular producer of white petroleum jelly and other products in the oil and gas industry. Two grades NPJ422 and NPJ722 are specially designed and produced with high standards to fulfill the needs of cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We hope the article will be useful enough for those who are interested in this industry and even for those who are looking for a reliable and powerful company in the polymer industry.

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