pharmaceutical petroleum jelly

pharmaceutical petroleum jelly

pharmaceutical petroleum jelly is one of the main and basic ingredients of many different products in this industry. Navid Noor company is one of the best and biggest producers of Pharmaceutical petroleum jelly in Iran. Navid Noor is proud of being a member of the oil, gas, and petrochemical products exports union of Iran. The company started its adventure in 1997 in Isfahan, Iran. After years of experience and endeavor the company has become one of the well-known and avant-garde companies in manufacturing petrochemical products. Follow us in this article to get more information about Navid Noor company and its products, especially about pharmaceutical petroleum jelly of this company as one of its most popular products.

pharmaceutical petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the oldest petrochemical products which has been used among people. Dated back in 1870 the first company known as Vaseline began the production of petroleum jelly as a pharmaceutical product in the United States of America. Later on, the product became popular among the people of its commercial name “Vaseline”. Since the owner of the first company was a chemist he could find some of the beneficial characteristics of petroleum jelly. Due to its effective properties on the skin, pharmaceutical petroleum jelly has become a widely used product among people. Some innate features of the pharmaceutical petroleum jelly make it an effective material for the skin.

word image 2410 1 What is pharmaceutical petroleum jelly?

White petroleum jelly

Pharmaceutical petroleum jelly is a semi-solid product. It means that it has some properties of solid materials, while it can take the shape of its container just like liquids. It is purer when the color is white. Although the product’s color varies from yellow to pale yellow, when it is not completely pure. In its pure version, pharmaceutical petroleum jelly is tasteless and without smell. It is insoluble in water, so it would be a perfect choice for using for skin creams and pomades. The non-toxic feature of pharmaceutical petroleum jelly makes it an ideal ingredient for use in lip balms and such products for all ages. Petroleum jelly’s melting point is between 40 and 70 °C. The material is only flammable when it is liquid. The other point about petroleum jelly is that it does not oxidize in the air.

 petroleum jelly in pharmaceutical applications

As one of the most popular over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, petroleum jelly is used in most skin creams and pomades. Pharmaceutical petroleum jelly is an effective medicine against small cuts, burns, and scars. It is a widely used product in the pharmaceutical industry as a basic and necessary ingredient. The Navid Noor company could supply the needs of these industries by producing some special petroleum jelly grades appropriate for pharmaceuticals. NPJ722 and NPJ422 are two grades of Navid Noor petroleum jelly which are specially produced based on the international standards needed for pharmaceutical companies. Considering the quality of the products is the first and most important issue of the managers and the employees. Therefore, producing high-quality products is the outcome of such attention to the production process.

  • NPJ422

Navid Noor company NPJ422 is a grade with high-quality properties that are appropriate for pharmaceutical industries. Having moisturizing effects this grade could achieve international standards for use in specific industries. Bad weather conditions and worse may cause skin dryness and chapped skin. Using this grade as a basic ingredient in creams or even as a distinct product would be a helpful remedy in curing skin problems.

  • NPJ722

NPJ722 pharmaceutical petroleum jelly grade Navid Noor is a healing ingredient with special characteristics. The soothing nature of the white petroleum jelly of Navid Noor has made it a natural remedy for curing small cuts, scars, and burns. The product protects the injured skin surface by adding moisture to that area of the skin. It also prevents the skin from becoming dry and vulnerable in the process of improvement.


Navid Noor pharmaceutical petroleum jelly is produced based on the international standards of petrochemical products. More than 25 years of experience in this industry has made us a powerful and professional producer of petrochemical products. Navid Noor company believes that the quality of the product is the best advertisement for the company. Having this in mind has brought us more than 850 clients from different parts of the world.

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