Petroleum Jelly Manufacturer in Middle East

petroleum jelly manufacturer in middle east

Middle Eastern Premier Petroleum Jelly Manufacturer of Choice

In introduction:

Petroleum jelly is a basic element in the always-changing fields of cosmetics, drugs, and industrial uses. Standing tall and providing customers all around with unmatched quality, variety, and knowledge, Navid Noor Polymer is the biggest provider of petroleum jelly in the Middle East. Come discover with us the world of this respected producer and learn what distinguishes them as the best option for all your petroleum jelly requirements.

Values & Value Suggestions:

1. First quality is: Quality at Navid Noor Polymer is a way of life not just a slogan. Every batch of petroleum jelly is painstakingly made to satisfy industry requirements utilizing strict quality control procedures and a dedication to use only the best raw ingredients.

Knowing that every client has different needs, Navid Noor Polymer values its customer-centric strategy. Working closely with customers, their team of professionals creates unique solutions fit for their particular requirements, thereby guaranteeing the best performance and pleasure.

Being a forward-looking corporation, Navid Noor Polymer welcomes sustainability and innovation. They constantly investigate new technologies and methods to reduce their impact on the environment while producing innovative goods to satisfy changing market needs.

Product Diversity: To serve many sectors, Navid Noor Polymer provides a whole spectrum of petroleum jelly products:

1. Petroleum Jelly for Pharmaceuticals: Following the highest quality criteria, their petroleum jelly of pharmaceutical grade is a necessary component for many medicinal uses as it guarantees effectiveness and safety.

Renowned for its moisturizing and protecting qualities, their cosmetic petroleum jelly is a main ingredient in many skincare and beauty products, therefore improving their performance and quality.

From cable protection compounds to lubricants and sealants, Navid Noor Polymer’s industrial-grade petroleum jelly is a flexible solution for many sectors guaranteeing the best performance and lifetime.

About Us:

Established in 1997, Navid Noor Polymer has led the Middle Eastern petroleum jelly production front-stage. Having over 25 years of expertise, a worldwide presence spanning 52 countries, and a team of committed specialists, they have established themselves as the top petroleum jelly provider in the area.

Navid Noor Polymer is the only reputable and trustworthy petroleum jelly maker you need to seek elsewhere. Their dedication to quality, wide selection of products, and customer-centric approach helps them to be the perfect partner for all your petroleum jelly requirements. Get in touch with them right now to investigate how their ideas could improve your company’s operations and goods.

Ultimately, Navid Noor Polymer’s record of excellence, creativity, and customer satisfaction has won them a well-earned distinction as the Middle Eastern top petroleum jelly producer. Whether your industry is cosmetics, pharmaceutical, or industrial, their knowledge and commitment guarantee that you will get the greatest petroleum jelly products catered to your particular needs.


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This is Kamran Malekian working in the petroleum jelly manufacturing industry for Navid Noor Company since 2013 I am eager to make content in this industry and have a good impact on professional users and people using cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.


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