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Incredible uses of vaseline


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What is Vaseline?

Vaseline, which today refers to a special substance, was originally the name of an American brand of products based on jelly-like substances obtained from hydrocarbons. These products include simple hydrocarbon jelly materials and a set of skin creams, soaps, lotions, cleaners, and deodorants, which have various other uses in addition to home and individual applications. Petroleum jelly, better known by its brand name Vaseline, is an adaptable and commonplace substance used in many different settings. Although it has long been recognized for its skin-hydrating and protective properties, its usefulness goes much beyond this conventional usage.


Who invented Vaseline?

In 1859, Robert Chesebrough, a chemist who had previously obtained kerosene, extracted a usable jelly vaseline from some petrolatum materials, introduced it as a medicinal substance, and called it vaseline. Initially, Vaseline had only a therapeutic aspect. Still, after this product became a main medicinal ingredient, consumers began to use it for cosmetic applications and many diseases, including toenail fungus, nosebleeds, and rashes. They had diapers and colds. The Food and Drug Administration approves it as a skin protectant and it is widely used in skincare and cosmetics.


Physical and chemical properties of Vaseline

Vaseline is a mixture of hydrocarbons with different melting points. The melting point of these hydrocarbons is usually between 40 and 70 degrees Celsius, and it is flammable only when heated and converted into a liquid state. Then due to heat, it turns into vapor, which is also flammable. In appearance, this product is colorless (or pale yellow), and transparent, and if it is pure, it has no taste or smell. One of the distinctive features of this material is that it does not oxidize when exposed to air, and chemicals do not easily affect it. In terms of solubility, due to its non-polar property, it is insoluble in water, but it is soluble in relatively non-polar solvents such as dichloromethane, chloroform, benzene, diethyl ether, and carbon disulfide. In general, this product is semi-solid, in that it maintains its shape like a solid, but it can be forced to take the shape of its container, like a liquid, without coming apart. Some do not flow by themselves.


Application for Vaseline

Most of the uses of Vaseline are for cosmetics and health purposes, and it is also very useful in industry due to its lubricating and coating properties. Maybe many of these uses mentioned in this article are strange to you, but they are very useful features of this material. In the following, some examples of the common uses of this widely used product will be discussed.


Vaseline for skin care

Today, most of the manufactured Vaseline is used as an ingredient in skin lotions and cosmetics and provides various types of skin care and protection by minimizing friction and wear or reducing moisture loss. Today you will find 69 unbelievable applications of petroleum jelly for everyday activities:


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1. Skin Hydration and Defense Against Extreme Climate Change

Petroleum jelly is well-known for its moisturizing properties, making it a great remedy for dry and cracked skin. Its occlusive characteristics provide a protective layer over the skin, keeping out wind, cold, and dry air, and avoiding moisture loss. This application is beneficial during the winter or in very dry climates since it keeps the skin supple and moisturized.

During winter, APPLY a thin layer of petroleum jelly on exposed areas like the face and hands. This creates a protective barrier, LOCKING IN moisture and SHIELDING skin from harsh winds and dry air.

2. Improving the Durability and Efficiency of Common Home Appliances

Petroleum jelly has several uses outside of skincare, including enhancing the performance and extending the life of common home equipment and gadgets. Rust and corrosion may be prevented by putting a thin coating on metal surfaces. This use is perfect for reducing friction and noise, which is especially helpful for gardening equipment, cooking utensils, and door hinges.


3. The Latest Petroleum Jelly Beauty Tricks for Picture-Perfect Skin and Cosmetics

Because of its adaptability, petroleum jelly has become a staple in many people’s personal care products. You may use it to gently wash your face of makeup, impart a natural shine to your complexion, and even hold your eyebrows in place. In addition to providing an affordable substitute for pricey cosmetics, these beauty tips increase the efficacy of beauty products.


4. How to Treat Minor Skin Irritations, Burns, and Cuts at Home

Petroleum jelly is an essential component in first aid kits for the treatment of small burns, wounds, and skin irritations. After applying it to the wound, it creates a barrier that prevents germs from entering and encourages a moist environment, which speeds up the healing process. Since this is the case, it must be included in each home first aid kit.


5. Cutting-Edge Petroleum Jelly Skincare Products

Because of its effectiveness and safety, petroleum jelly continues to be at the forefront of the skincare industry’s constant evolution. Vitamin and essential oil-enriched formulations have recently been developed, which improve its protecting and moisturizing properties. The versatility of petroleum jelly as a component in current skincare products is shown in their improved formulations, which address a wide range of skin types and issues.


6. A Safe and Effective Method of Using Petroleum Jelly on Babies to Prevent Diaper Rash

Parents often go for petroleum jelly while caring for their babies. Because it forms a protective barrier against the irritants that diaper rash and other forms of wet and rough skin may create, it is widely used for both the prevention and treatment of diaper rash. Use it regularly even on the most delicate skin without worry because of its hypoallergenic, mild formulation.


7. Using Petroleum Jelly to Preserve Fragrances for an Extended Period

Increasing the persistence of scents is one of petroleum jelly’s less well-known uses. If you want your perfume to remain longer after spraying, try applying a little bit on your pulse points beforehand. Those who want to avoid reapplying their scent too often during the day may find this strategy very helpful.

These surprising applications of petroleum jelly demonstrate its adaptability and efficacy in several fields. Petroleum jelly is a lifesaver in a variety of contexts, including personal care, home repair, and even industry. Individuals may get the most out of this multipurpose product by learning about and making use of its many uses.


8. Medical Petroleum Jelly for Skin Hydration and Protection from Extreme Weather

One of its most well-known uses is as a skin moisturizer and protector; medical petroleum jelly goes under several names, including Vaseline. Providing a strong defense against severe weather conditions, its application goes beyond just hydrating. This section delves into the ways medicinal petroleum jelly may be used to keep skin healthy and resistant to different types of harsh weather.


8-1. Using It to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

After a shower, spread a thin coating of medical petroleum jelly on your face and body to keep them wet all day long. When the weather is dry, or when winter rolls around, this helps keep skin from drying out as much.

If you suffer from chronically dry skin, one night a week apply a thick layer of medical petroleum jelly to your elbows, knees, and feet. By morning, your harsh, dry skin will be softened and repaired thanks to its intense moisturizing impact.


9. Emergency Shelter from Extreme Weather

9-1. Weather Warning:

Prolonged exposure to cold air may cause skin irritation and dryness by removing its natural oils. Applying a layer of medical petroleum jelly to exposed skin, such the face and hands, may help keep the cold out before venturing outside.

91-1. Protection from the Wind:

Chapping and dry skin are both made worse by the wind. One way to protect skin against windburn and keep it supple and moisturized is to apply a thin coating of medicinal petroleum jelly.

9-1-2. Extremely Low Humidity:

Extremely low humidity levels may cause substantial skin moisture loss in dry climates. Medical petroleum jelly helps keep skin hydrated by avoiding water loss when applied regularly.

9-2. Clinical Trial Results and Suggestions

Petroleum jelly has been shown in several tests to effectively protect skin from environmental harm and keep it hydrated. As an example, research in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed that petroleum jelly effectively prevents moisture loss by reducing TEWL. Because it is both easy to use and effective, medicinal petroleum jelly is often recommended by dermatologists. Because it does not cause allergic reactions and does not clog pores, it is safe for use on even the most delicate skin. Not only that, it’s fragrance-and dye-free, so it won’t irritate your skin.

9-3. Suggestions for Use

To maximize the moisturizing properties of your existing moisturizer, layer it with medical petroleum jelly. The face, neck, and hands are particularly vulnerable to the elements, therefore it’s important to treat these regions separately.

Consistency: For optimal benefits, use it consistently, particularly during times of severe weather.

When it comes to moisturizing and protecting skin from severe weather, medical petroleum jelly is an essential tool. Because it forms a barrier that locks in moisture, it’s a must-have for dry skin, no matter where you are. You may protect your skin from the harsh drying effects of wind, cold, and dry weather by using it as part of your regular skincare regimen.

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10. A Hydrating Base for Effortless Cosmetics Application

Cosmetic petroleum jelly, when applied in a small layer before to foundation, may serve as a priming hydrator. To lay a perfect foundation for your makeup, this technique will assist in leveling out your skin’s texture. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly all over your skin after washing and moisturizing your face. Before you put on your foundation, let it a few minutes to set. The advantage is that it makes the skin more supple and moisturized, which makes it easier to apply and maintain foundation.


11. A Delicate Accent for a Healthy Sheen

To get a dewy, radiant appearance without breaking the bank, try using cosmetic petroleum jelly as a highlighter. To apply, take a little dab of petroleum jelly and run it around the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and browbones.

Advantage: It gives out a soft, gentle light that brings out your best features without making you seem flashy.


12. Prevent moisture loss

By reducing the loss of skin moisture, Vaseline can prevent cracking of the skin, especially the skin of the hands, and soften the nail cuticles. This property of Vaseline is also used as a thermal insulator, Vaseline can be used to keep swimmers warm in the water during training, canal crossings, or long swims. Also, this product prevents the face from getting cold due to the evaporation of skin moisture during outdoor winter sports.


13. Vaseline for skin lubrication

Vaseline can be used to reduce friction between the skin and clothing during various sports activities, for example, it is used to prevent chafing in the seat area of cyclists or the groin of marathon runners. Vaseline is also commonly used as a personal lubricant, the advantage and superiority of this substance over other lubricants such as water-based lubricants is that it is non-drying.


14. Vaseline for Reva- Vaseline and skin softening

This material is used to soften hard areas of the skin such as the tips of the elbows and soles and heels.


15. Vaseline mask and oils

A skin mask can be prepared using a combination of Vaseline, olive oil, almond oil, egg yolk, and honey. The only important point of preparing this mask is that you have to melt the Vaseline by the Benmari method (indirect heat) and then use it in the mask, after it cools down, immediately put it on the skin to take the shape of the place of use.


 16. Skin grafting

Vaseline can be used to reduce friction between the skin and clothing during various sports activities, for example, it is used to prevent chafing in the seat area of cyclists or the groin of marathon runners. Vaseline is also commonly used as a personal lubricant, the advantage and superiority of this substance over other lubricants such as water-based lubricants is that it is non-drying.


 17. Vaseline as an anti-pimple

To get rid of skin spots, skin pimples, especially blackheads, acne, and skin lesions in general, you can use different Vaseline masks with other ingredients such as low-fat milk, etc.


 18. Anti-wrinkle

Considering that Vaseline keeps the moisture of the skin, it can be used to prevent skin wrinkles. Also, its combination with egg white and honey is very useful for removing skin wrinkles, especially wrinkles around the eyes.


 19. scrub

The combination of coarse salt, sugar, and Vaseline can be a simple scrub for the whole body, even facial organs such as lips, and by rubbing it on the skin and then washing it With soap, its wonderful effects can be seen.


20. Vaseline as a hair mask

In the first half of the 20th century, Vaseline, either pure or as a gelling of a substance, was popular as a hair mask. When used in a 50/50 mix with pure beeswax (Bizox), it also becomes a product for use on beards and mustaches.


 21. Vaseline to remove hair stickiness

One of the problems that occur with hair is that hair sticks together due to the presence of a sticky substance such as gum or a similar substance that makes hair difficult to separate from each other. Vaseline in this field can also be a solution to problems and solve this problem without the need to cut hair.


 22. Vaseline to straighten hair

Vaseline can also be used to straighten hair, but it should be noted that using too much Vaseline on the hair causes it to become greasy and that hair straightening is not permanent.


23. Vaseline to remove hair loss

Another use of Vaseline for hair is to rub a small amount of this substance on the ends of the hair to remove frizz. With this method, there is no need to cut the hair anymore.


24. Vaseline to remove dandruff and scalp

In addition to cosmetic applications for hair and hair beauty, this substance is used to remove and treat dandruff, and flaking of the scalp and eliminate head lice, in such a way that for 15 minutes, the scalp with Vaseline is massaged and then washed with water and suitable hair detergent, and its effects are visible after some time of use.

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25. fake lash

Vaseline has many uses in this field, for example, one of the uses of this substance is that it is easy to remove artificial eyelashes from the eyes.


26. Tidy eyebrows

Another use of Vaseline in this field is to solve the problem of eyebrows, with a little Vaseline, the eyebrows become completely smooth and tidy.

SMOOTH a tiny bit of petroleum jelly over UNRULY brows with a clean mascara wand or fingertip. This SLEEK, POLISHED look keeps every hair IN PLACE all day.


 27. Vaseline and removal of darkness around the eyes

One of the beauty uses of Vaseline for the eyes is to remove dark circles around the eyes. Combining Vaseline with a few drops of fresh lemon juice is very useful for removing dark circles around the eyes.


28. Vaseline for thick eyebrows

Rubbing the eyebrows and eyelashes with Vaseline can make the eyebrows thicker and also strengthen the eyelashes. This can be done in such a way that after massaging the eyebrows, Vaseline is on them overnight until morning and then washed with water.


 29. Fixing chapped lips with Vaseline

One of the most widely used uses of Vaseline among the general public, both among men and women, is the use of Vaseline to eliminate chapped lips and peeling skin. Of course, this consumption is more common among women, because Vaseline also makes the lips shine. In this context, the combination of sugar and Vaseline and massaging it on the lips is highly recommended.

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30. Vaseline to remove makeup

One of the uses of Vaseline is to remove make-up from the skin, and areas near the eyes and lips, because Vaseline does not contain toxic substances, therefore, it is easy to use Vaseline for these areas.


31. Skin eczema

One of the things that is very common among people is skin eczema, which has become more common with the increase in the use of alcohol and detergents during the coronavirus epidemic. Vaseline is an effective substance for the treatment of this disease by keeping the skin hydrated.


 32. Vaseline Fruit Esk

Vaseline melted in the Bain-Marie method can be mixed with fruit puree such as avocado, aloe vera, dates, figs, etc., and used as a skin mask, which makes the skin fresh.


33. Medical treatment

Vaseline, also known as carbonated petroleum jelly, if it contains the phenol group, will cause a greater antibacterial effect and reduce the growth of bacteria. During World War II, varieties of Vaseline were often included in first aid kits. This product is also used as a sunscreen and protection against ultraviolet rays.


 34. Wound healing with the help of Vaseline

Doctors recommend that it is better to keep skin injuries moist with Vaseline so that the scars heal over time. DOCTORS recommend keeping SKIN INJURIES moist with petroleum jelly. This PROTECTIVE barrier PREVENTS SCABBING so wounds can HEAL with MINIMAL scarring over time.

Petroleum Jelly in Promoting Wound Healing and Its Power


35. Vaseline in post-laser care

Vaseline is highly recommended to protect and prevent the patient’s skin from losing moisture in the initial period after laser skin reconstruction.


36. Maintaining nasal moisture

In addition to skincare, Vaseline is widely used by otolaryngologists and surgeons to maintain nasal moisture treat epistaxis, and fight nasal scaling.


 37. Vaseline and burns

Because Vaseline controls the growth of bacteria, it can help accelerate the recovery of burns, but it will not replace burn creams in any way, in cases where a person gets sunburned, Vaseline can be one of the best There are options to speed up treatment.


38.  Vaseline and frostbite

It is interesting to know that Vaseline, in addition to burns, is also useful in cases of skin frostbite, because it reduces skin irritation by maintaining interstitial heat and water.


 39. Using Vaseline in massage

Perhaps Vaseline massage along with other lotions can be a very suitable way to relieve fatigue after a day’s work that can easily be done at home.


40. Using Vaseline for teeth

By rubbing a small amount of Vaseline on your teeth, you can double their luster and shine. Also, for women, this will prevent their lipstick color from touching their teeth.


 41. Vaseline in perfume

One of the uses of Vaseline is that it makes the fragrance last longer in the place where the perfume is applied. For example, it can be On the wrists or the back of the neck, where it is better to apply perfume, apply some Vaseline, and then apply perfume to those areas to increase the longevity of the fragrance.


 42. Vaseline for lubricating household appliances

If suitable oil is not available, Vaseline can be used to lubricate wooden and metal drawers and even refrigerator drawers and shelves. Even to eliminate the sound of door hinges, you can use Vaseline lubrication.


43. Vaseline and blister treatment

You can prevent blisters in these areas by rubbing some Vaseline on the back of the feet, in a place that is in direct contact with the back of the shoe or between the toes.


44.  Vaseline and removing bad foot odor

By using Vaseline and a few drops of rose water and massaging the feet, the bad smell of the feet caused by excessive sweating in the shoes is well removed. This should be done several times a week so that its effects last.


45. Vaseline for covering

Vaseline can be used to coat corrosion-prone items such as metal parts, stainless steel blades, and gun barrels before storage because it acts as an excellent and inexpensive waterproofing agent. Also, in addition to these items, this material is used as an environmentally friendly anti-sediment coating for motor boats and sailboats.


46. Vaseline as a coating for wood and leather

Vaseline can be used to finish and protect the wood. (Exactly like mineral oil coating) This material is used to condition and protect smooth leather products such as bicycle saddles, boots, and motorcycle clothing and to shine leather shoes.


47.  Vaseline for lubrication

Vaseline can be used to lubricate different belts. This material is also used in the lubricating compounds of weapons. Vaseline is also used as a light lubricating grease as well as an anti-seize assembly grease.

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 48. Industrial production processes

In addition to various medical and household applications, Vaseline is also a useful substance in industry. For example, this substance is included in the formula of candle wax. Vaseline softens the overall composition, allows the candle to hold excess fragrance oil, and facilitates adhesion to the sidewall of the jar. Also, this material is used to moisten non-drying modeling clay such as plasticine, as part of a combination of hydrocarbons, including hydrocarbons with higher molecular weight such as paraffin wax, and lower molecular weight such as mineral oil. This material is used as an additive to reduce adhesion to printing inks and is also used in the leather industry as a waterproof material.


 49. Explosives

Most of the uses of Vaseline are very safe, but besides these cases, Vaseline can also be used in harsher applications. For example, petroleum jelly can be mixed in explosives with a high proportion of strong mineral chlorates because it acts as a softener and fuel source. An example of this is a substance consisting of a 9:1 ratio of KClO3 to Vaseline. Of course, this mixture cannot explode without the use of an explosive cap.

50. Propulsion

Vaseline is used as a stabilizer in the manufacture of one- and two-component propellants to improve the burning quality.


51. Internal and external coating in tools

Vaseline can be used to fill copper cables or optical fibers using plastic insulation to prevent water penetration.

Also, this material can be used to cover the inner walls of terrariums to prevent animals from crawling and escaping.


52. Cleaning the surface

Vaseline is used to gently clean all kinds of surfaces, from removing makeup from the face to removing tar stains from leather.


53. Battery corrosion

Car mechanics commonly use Vaseline to cover the terminals of batteries before and after connection to prevent them from being corroded by battery acid, because Vaseline is an insulator and does not interfere with the normal operation of the battery.


54. prevent liquid from spreading

A strip or layer of Vaseline can be used to prevent the liquid from spreading. For example, when using an at-home hair color kit, it can be applied close to the hairline to prevent the color from spilling onto the skin.


55. Zipper

In many cases, such as the production of shoes, bags, clothes, etc., where the desired product has a zipper, Vaseline is used to lubricate the zipper.


56. Pet care

Vaseline is used to moisturize dogs’ paws. This ingredient is an integral part of hair products for domestic cats.


57. Long lasting freshness

In many cases, for the natural products on the table, such as all kinds of vegetables, flowers, fruits, etc., to remain fresh and fresh for a longer period of time for a special ceremony; Vaseline is applied to them so that in addition to staying fresh, due to not losing moisture, they also appear shinier and brighter.


58. Easy separation

It may not seem logical to use Vaseline directly for jewelry, but Vaseline has an indirect use for them. In many cases, people face problems when earrings come out of their ears or rings come out of their fingers, which can be solved by using Vaseline.


59. Removing candle stains

One of the health uses of Vaseline is not for skin and hair but for clothes. It may have happened to you that drops of melted candle wax fell on your clothes. Vaseline is one of the substances that can remove dried wax on clothes.


60. Removing cosmetic stains

The same thing is also done to some extent (but less) to remove the effects of cosmetics on clothes and it is effective, but you should first put Vaseline on the effects of cosmetics and then put the clothes in the washing machine to ensure maximum cleanliness.

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61. edible

The manufacturer of Vaseline has always used this material orally, and even today, some doctors prescribe the oral use of edible-grade Vaseline in some cases.


How to identify the original Vaseline

The higher the purity of Vaseline, the more suitable it is for its applications and causes fewer side effects for the person, which occurs during the separation and purification stages of Vaseline. Visually, the clearer and more colorless the Vaseline is, the better. It is not available at home without equipment, therefore, you should pay more attention to the health certificate, its standard mark and trust them. FDA, KOSHER, and HALAL logos can be mentioned among the standards.


Can you make Vaseline at home?

In many sites and sources, various methods for making Vaseline from various materials such as beeswax, various oils such as olive oil, etc. have been suggested, none of these items are Vaseline and are only natural materials that can have greasing properties and convey the properties of their ingredients to the consumer.


Dangers of Vaseline

Many people think that Vaseline is obtained from petroleum derivatives and consider it dangerous and carcinogenic, while this opinion is not correct at all, and in some cases, they even consume Vaseline orally. (of course not recommended)

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Potential side effects

Like any other chemical or non-chemical substance, the use of Vaseline in excess is not recommended. Also, some people can be congenitally sensitive or allergic to petroleum derivatives, in which case Vaseline is not recommended for them.

Taking it orally can cause diarrhea and vomiting in some people. Also, taking this substance in the nose can increase the risk of aspiration, especially in children, which should be taken into account. But in general, Vaseline is classified as a low-risk substance with high benefits.


62. Soften Dry and Cracked Elbows

Apply Vaseline to elbows suffering from dryness and cracks to deeply moisturize and restore softness.

63. Prevent the Nail Polish Bottle from Sticking

To avoid a stuck nail polish bottle cap, apply a small amount of Vaseline around the rim for easy opening and closing.

64. Prevent Lipstick from Staining Teeth

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline on your teeth to keep lipstick from transferring, a tip often used by beauty contestants.

65. Avoid Streaks with Body Tanning Spray

Rub Vaseline on the back of your ankles, knees, and hands before applying tanning spray to prevent streaks and ensure an even tan.

66. Promote Eyelash Growth

Put a small amount of Vaseline on your eyelashes at night to condition them and potentially encourage growth.

67. Make Perfume Last Longer

Dab Vaseline on your wrists and neck before applying perfume to extend its scent throughout the day.

68. Tame Frizzy Hair

Use a tiny bit of Vaseline between your fingers to smooth the ends of your hair and reduce frizz, but avoid using too much to prevent greasiness.

69. Restore Scratched Boots and Heels

Polish scratched boots or heels with Vaseline to make them look shiny and new for an important event.

70. Prevent Hair Dye Stains

Apply Vaseline along your hairline before coloring your hair to protect your skin from dye stains.

71. Soothe Skin After Shaving

Rub Vaseline onto dry skin after shaving to moisturize and soothe irritation.

72. Achieve Softer Skin

Apply Vaseline to your face and neck for softer skin, but be cautious if you have sensitive skin to avoid potential breakouts.

73. Exfoliate with Sea Salt

Create an exfoliating scrub by mixing Vaseline with sea salt and using it in the shower for silky, smooth skin.

74. Secure Earrings Easily

Dab a little Vaseline on earring posts to help them slide in easily and stay secure.

75. Ease Eyebrow Trimming

Apply Vaseline under your eyebrows to soften the skin and make trimming easier and more precise.

76. Remove Eyelash Glue

Easily remove leftover eyelash glue from your eyelids by gently rubbing them with Vaseline.

77. Create Cream Makeup

Transform powder eyeshadow or blush into a creamy texture by mixing it with a bit of Vaseline for a different makeup look.

78. Prevent Nail Roots from Drying

Apply Vaseline to the base of your nails to keep the cuticles and surrounding skin moisturized.

79. Use as Lip Balm

Vaseline acts as an effective lip balm, and you can even create your lip gloss by mixing it with a bit of food coloring.

80. Replace Cleansing Milk

Use Vaseline as a gentle makeup remover by applying it to a cotton swab or pad to cleanse your skin, leaving it fresh and ready for the next day.


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You may think that Vaseline doesn’t have many uses, but this misconception will make you miss out on one of the cheapest beauty options available. By reading this article, you find out why this 140-year-old product should become a part of your daily life, from moisturizing the roots of nails and elbows and preventing color streaks when using a body spray tan to covering freckles and soothing the skin after shaving. are part of the unusual uses of Vaseline.

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