producer of Vaseline in Iran

producer of Vaseline in Iran

Navid Noor company is the most reliable and remarkable producer of Vaseline in Iran. The company’s refinery is located in Isfahan and produces the highest quality products such as petroleum jelly also known as Vaseline and a cluster of other petrochemical products. Navid Noor company has a key role in the petrochemical industry in Iran and by having more than 850 customers from different parts of the world, our company has become an important entity in the industry. Different grades of Vaseline are the daily products of Navid Noor which are produced in bulk. In this article we are going to explain some characteristics of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) of the best producer of Vaseline in Iran, Navid Noor company.

Vaseline is the commercial name for petroleum jelly. It is good to know that the first producer of Vaseline was a company under the same name opened in 1870 in America. It was found by an American chemist called Chesebrough and he was the founder of the first Vaseline company in the world. As the producer of Vaseline in Iran since 1997, Navid Noor company always tries its best to produce the highest quality Vaseline possible.

What is Vaseline?

As the producer of Vaseline in Iran we can describe it as mainly a petrochemical product which is a mixture of different hydrocarbons with carbon number of 25 and more. As it was mentioned above Vaseline is an American brand for producing petroleum jelly. The product has semi-solid characteristics and mainly is used for its healing effects in the pharmaceutical industry. However, Vaseline is an eminent base ingredient in the cosmetics and skin care industry. The coating characteristics of Vaseline beside its healing effects and the insolubility of the product has made it a desirable ingredient in the gigantic industry of cosmetics. Most of the cosmetic products such as lipsticks, mascaras, skin care products, etc.

Navid Noor company Vaseline a medicine for skin

Since the first time that Chesebrough as the owner of the first Vaseline company introduced the product to the people around the United States and other countries of the world, Vaseline has been used as a healing product for skin cuts and injuries among people. Nowadays, it still has a key role in healing scratches and skin injuries. Because of its moisturizing effects, Vaseline helps the skin to keep its dampness and moist so that the scars would have less effect on the skin.

Vaseline is the best OTC (over the counter) drug which is used as a skin care good. By having some special characteristics obtained from its nature, Vaseline helps your body to refine and minimize its scars and frictions in a short period of time. Because of such characteristics Vaseline has been in the pharmaceutical industries since its creation and it is used as a basic ingredient in most pomades and creams.

Cosmetics and Vaseline

Navid Noor company as the producer of Vaseline in Iran produces two grades of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) NPJ422 and NPJ722 especially for the cosmetic industry. NPJ722 grade of Vaseline of Navid Noor company is an ideal base ingredient for lip balms. Dry and chapped lips is a common problem among most of the people of the world, which is mostly due to cold weather. NPJ722 grade is an effective and suitable petroleum jelly especially designed for alleviating such problems. Another grade of petroleum jelly is NPJ422 which is suitable for skin as a skin care product. By preventing moisture loss and aiding the skin components, Navid Noor NPJ422 grade of Vaseline shortens the time of healing. One of the most required grades of Vaseline of Navid Noor company, the best producer of Vaseline in Iran is NPJ422.

Conclusion about the best producer of Vaseline in Iran

Being the best producer of Vaseline in Iran is not an adequate ultimate for the Navid Noor company. Our ultimate goal is to become a recognizable producer of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) in the world. Hopefully, by having a group of experts and modern machinery, the company could achieve lots of accomplishments and success through its 25 years of experience. More than 850 customers from different parts of the world are the reason for our honesty and proficiency in doing business and production.

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