best petroleum jelly producer

best petroleum jelly producer

Navid Noor company is the biggest petroleum jelly producer in Iran. Having years of experience and different awards in the petrochemical industry and more than 850 customers around the world has made Navid Noor company a remarkable organization in the petroleum industry. As the petroleum jelly producer, our company has the chance of using the best quality instruments and tools, the newest refinery machinery and a group of experts in the company. Petroleum jelly is one of the most applied ingredients in other industries such as: cosmetics, skin care products, pharmaceuticals, and a cluster of other industries. In this article, we want to give some information about petroleum jelly as a petrochemical product.

petroleum jelly producer description

Navid Noor company is a one of the most famous petroleum jelly producers of the world with lots of customers scattered around the world. Petroleum jelly is a petrochemical product also known as petrolatum. It is a semisolid product which means that it has the characteristics of liquids by taking the shape of its container, while it is not liquid at room temperature. Some hydrocarbons with carbon numbers more than 25 are the cause of petroleum jelly production. This substance is a widely used product in the pharmaceutical industry as well as cosmetics and skin care products. The product is approved by the American Food and Drug administration as an over the counter product.

To be a petroleum jelly producer is not enough in this industry, but you should be high a quality producer so that you will be successful. Navid Noor company is one of the best petroleum jelly producers in Iran with lots of experience and high-quality products. Therefore, our petroleum jelly is a widely used product in different industries like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. NPJ522 & NPJ722 are two grades of petroleum jellies suitable for skin care products, mascaras, lipsticks, and even pomades and creams which are produced by Navid Noor company.

Skin care product

Nowadays, people try their best to keep their skin young and smooth. Petroleum jelly is the main ingredient of skin care products. Because of the moisturizing effects of petroleum jelly and its coating properties, the product is the most needed ingredient in the skin care industry.

Mascara and petroleum jelly

As a main cosmetic accessory, mascara is widely used by women. Thus, the product is a need and necessity in the daily life of women. The relationship of mascara and petroleum jelly is just like the relationship of milk and yogurt. Without milk you cannot produce yogurt, without petroleum jelly companies cannot produce mascaras. Since petroleum jelly is not harmful for the body, it is a great base ingredient for cosmetic products like mascara and with moisturizing effects, it softens the eyelashes so that they can form by the brush.


Navid Noor company as a petroleum jelly producer considers the quality of its product at the first stage. Since the product has a direct relation with the human body and skin, we try our best to produce high-quality and first-grade petroleum jellies. NPJ722 is the best grade of our petroleum jelly suitable for lip balms and lipsticks. Since the product is insoluble in water, it retains on the lip, and by having moisturizing effects, it makes the lips soft and smooth.

Petroleum jelly in pharmaceuticals

Petroleum jelly also known as Vaseline is one of the most applied over the counter products for chapped skins. The main ingredient of most moisturizing pomades and creams is petroleum jelly. The soothing effects of Vaseline help the skin to repair itself and accelerate the speed of healing. NPJ722 is one of the highest quality petroleum jellies of Navid Noor company appropriate for pharmaceutical use. The company values its customers by producing first class and high quality products for different demands of various industries. It is the reason for having more than 850 customers from different industries in most parts of the world.

petroleum jelly producer mission

Navid Noor company, as the petroleum jelly producer of different classes, looks forward to developing its refinery based on the knowledge of the day. Being top level is hard, but remaining at top is harder. We try hard to become the best petroleum producer in the world as we go forward.

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