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Meeting Industry Standards: Navid Noor’s Commitment to Quality in Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly product manufacturers in the world are few and located in a limited number of countries. The production of these products is challenging due to the need for specialized equipment and adherence to Petroleum Jelly standards. Noor Orchid, the brand of Navid Noor Polymer, is recognized as the biggest name of larger producer of various grades of White Petroleum Jelly in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, with widespread operations. We export to over 60 countries across five continents. Since 1997, we have been producing different grades of Petroleum Jelly, including NPJ722 and NPJ422, which are widely used by major manufacturers in the cosmetic and hygiene industries. Navid Noor products are delivered in various packaging types, including 175 kg and 55 kg metal drums, as well as HDPE barrels by BP and USP quality Petroleum Jelly. We produce and sell nearly 5 containers daily with high volume and ship always with prompt delivery.

Three Decades of Excellence: Navid Noor’s Legacy in Petroleum Jelly and Paraffin Products

Navid Noor Polymer is the largest and most reputable manufacturer of White Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin Wax, and Paraffin Oil (Light Liquid Paraffin) in the Middle East, with nearly three decades of experience in this industry. Our products are used in various climates and regions around the world. The company, with its extensive experience, manages the supply of Paraffin Waxes and White Petroleum Jelly (Petrolatum) products, addressing diverse needs. We produce specific grades of products suited for different climatic conditions and market requirements, meticulously planning the supply chain for factories in different continents, including Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Navid Noor m designed and produced various grades of White Petrolatum such as NPJ722A+ and NPJ422A+, for this purpose.

BP, USP, ASTM Standards: The Crucial Benchmarks for White Petroleum Jelly Suppliers

Since White Petroleum Jelly is an Oil-based product, cosmetic and hygiene industries pay high attention to their suppliers. Unfortunately, many low-quality producers in the industry do not use suitable raw materials for refining and fail to meet BP USP or ASTM standards. Despite the normal appearance and clarity, these substandard products, if tested in reputable laboratories, would fail to meet many critical standards, which is a significant concern. Buyers without access to major laboratories should carefully evaluate the analysis and credibility of the manufacturer, as only a few producers meet standards that prevent skin damage and safety of Cosmetic Petrolatum especially for direct usage and babies.

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Elevating Standards: How Noor Orchid Petrolatum Exceeds Industry Benchmarks

An important consideration for buyers without access to well-equipped laboratories is the difference between Navid Noor Polymer products, which pass all BP, USP, and ASTM standards, and similar look products in the market which mostly fail many items such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Navid Noor Polymer produces grades like NPJ 722 A+ and NPJ 422 A+, under the Noor Orchid brand, by meeting all standards. Another distinction is in noor orchid petrolatum packaging, which uses barrels with special internal coatings conforming and epoxy based on related standards. The company also emphasizes strong post-sales services, including solutions for transportation issues even at destination ports, with over 96 percent customer satisfaction for our products and services based on the latest survey from several hundred clients in December 2022.

The Gold Standard: Navid Noor’s White Petroleum Jelly and Paraffin Gel Meeting High Global Standards

Navid Noor Polymer, under the Noor Orchid brand, invests significantly in R&D for Light Liquid Paraffin and White Petroleum Jelly, introducing new grades like NPJ 722 A+ and NPJ 422 A+ to the market almost annually. By participating in various exhibitions, we showcase the new Gel and paraffin products, which have received positive feedback from over 800 long-term customers in more than 60 countries. The innovations and expenses have made our White Mineral Oil and White Petroleum Jelly grades recognized as the best in the market by customers and factories in the Cosmetic and SKIN CARE sectors. This success confirms Navid Noor Polymer’s leadership in the market, especially for its Petroleum Jelly (Paraffin Gel) products meeting high standards in many countries.

Certified Excellence: Noor Orchid’s Journey to Achieving Multiple Quality Standards

Navid Noor Polymer, known for its diverse products such as Cosmetic White Petroleum Jelly holds numerous standards and certifications, including GMP, ISO, RICH, and Halal. These certifications are a testament to the high quality of the company’s products under the Noor Orchid brand. The RICH standards are essential for exporting products to Europe, the main market of Navid Noor Polymer while the Halal certification is crucial for Muslim countries which have wide and growing skincare industries. The GMP certification is highly sought after by many companies and industries, especially clients of Noor petroleum jelly. These achievements have been made possible by adhering to numerous requirements, including various management and environmental ISO standards, to produce Petroleum Jelly in hygienic drums.

Beyond Profit: Navid Noor Polymer’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Initiatives

Navid Noor Polymer, the largest exporter of Petroleum Jelly and various Paraffins in Turkey and UAE, consistently strives to play a positive role by focusing on green marketing and accepting responsibility in social and environmental areas. The company has always aimed to create better conditions for future generations through its environmental responsibility and management of industrial waste. In its social responsibility endeavors, a significant portion of its profits is allocated to alleviate issues faced by patients with specific conditions, such as hemophilia and thrombophilia in Iran and underprivileged areas. Additionally, Navid Noor Polymer has provided Petroleum Jelly ( Noor Vaseline ) products free of charge for areas affected by disasters or adverse weather conditions, including extreme dry heat, cold, floods, and earthquakes, and continues to alleviate suffering in impoverished regions worldwide, including Africa, by offering products for free.

Modern Manufacturing, Green Results: Navid Noor’s Commitment to Global Environmental Standards

Navid Noor Polymer, the oldest and largest manufacturer of Petroleum Jelly, as well as Paraffin Wax, Paraffin Oil, and various cable protection gels in the Middle East, has implemented stringent environmental measures in its manufacturing facilities. These measures, in line with global standards, include the use of modern, cutting-edge technology, advanced recycling systems, and a green supply chain that oversees everything from raw material consumption to final product production. Even the environmental requirements of raw material and packaging producers are overseen by the company’s board, ensuring that products, including those under the Noor Orchid Petroleum Jelly, fully comply with the latest and most modern environmental standards.

From Fossil to Future: Navid Noor Polymer’s Pledge to Minimize Emissions by 2030

Although Iran’s economy is largely based on oil and gas, leading to increased fossil fuel consumption and, consequently, higher greenhouse gas emissions, Navid Noor Polymer has been proactive in addressing global warming. The company has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, despite using natural gas in its production lines. By implementing the latest technologies and renewable energy sources, the Navid Noor Polymer ( Noor Orchid ) brand aims to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in its Petroleum Jelly and Paraffin Oil Factory as well as Canle Protection Compounds Complex. Significant strides have been made with the use of modern production lines and advanced formulations. Additionally, substantial investments in research and development have been made, modernizing production lines to alleviate this global concern committing to green branding in this field, and producing Green Petroleum Jelly and other environmentally friendly products.

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