the best producer of petroleum jelly BP USP in Iran

the best producer of petroleum jelly BP USP in Iran

Navid Noor company is one of the most distinguished petrochemical producers in Iran and worldwide. With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge, Navid Noor could produce different grades of petroleum jelly. One of our most desirable and remarkable products is petroleum jelly BP USP. Having a team of expert and professional employees is the best reinforcement of our company. However, the modern facilities and machines of Noor refinery are the assets of our company, too. In the following article, we will give more information about Navid Noor company and its different products such as petroleum jelly BP USP, paraffin wax, and a cluster of other things.

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petroleum jelly BP USP

Petroleum jelly BP USP is one of the most popular derivatives of petrochemical products. What makes Navid Noor company products different from other companies is their quality and international standards. Petroleum jelly is a semi-solid product with a high melting point. The melting point of the product is between 40 to 70 °C. Its semi-solid characteristic lets the product to get the shape of its container just like liquids, although it is not a liquid material. White petroleum jelly BP USP is a colorless product with high purity. It is gained from the mixture of hydrocarbons with carbon number 25 and more from petrolatum. As a popular product in many different industries, it is used mostly in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Petroleum jelly BP USP is an odorless and tasteless product. It has a bunch of benefits and applications as follows.

petroleum jelly BP USP applications

Since petroleum jelly BP USP is one of the purest derivatives of petrolatum, it is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries more than others. Noor’s petroleum jelly BP USP is produced not only based on international standards but also beyond that scale. Due to such attention to the quality of the products, the company could have more than 850 clients from different parts of the world. Cosmetic companies and pharmaceutical producers are among the customers of Navid Noor company. Petroleum jelly BP USP applications can be different based on the needs of different industries.

Skincare product

Petroleum jelly BP USP grade is an appropriate product for skincare use. Its moisturizing effects help the skin to keep its dampness. Dry and chapped skins would improve and become fresh after using petroleum jelly BP USP. It is also an effective material for healing small cuts, burns, and scars. Such a characteristic of petroleum jelly makes it an excellent basic ingredient for producing healing creams and pomades in the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, we should insist that Navid Noor’s petroleum jelly grades are produced according to the needs and the qualities needed by the other industries.

Petroleum jelly BP USP is a grade suitable for the cosmetic industry. Since the product is a food-grade and non-toxic material, it can be used for producing cosmetic products including lip balms, lipsticks, makeup removers, and so on. The non-toxic feature of Navid Noor petroleum jelly makes it an excellent choice for producing products related to the human body and skin. Moreover, the nourishing characteristic of Noor petroleum jelly creates a sense of freshness and relief for the skin when used as a makeup remover.

The Enduring History and Uses of Petroleum Jelly and Parrafin Wax


For more than 25 years, Navid Noor company has been a remarkable and well-known manufacturer of petrochemical products. Through these years, the company has tried its best to develop and improve its products alongside their quality. Our team of experts in the facilitative laboratories of the company and hardworking employees in the production lines try their best to elevate Navid Noor company through its journey. The managers of the company with their valued knowledge help us to find new markets and introduce our competitive products in the international markets. We seek development and reach new stairs of success, while we try daily to produce the best possible products. By having more than 850 clients from different countries in the world, we believe that our path is on the right road. Yet, our mission is not finished and we look forward to conquering the new mountains of success.

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