the biggest manufacturer of paraffin wax

the biggest manufacturer of paraffin wax

Navid Noor company is the biggest manufacturer of paraffin wax in Iran with more than 850 clients from different parts of the world. Since we believe in the mixture of knowledge and experience, we try our best every day to improve our products in a compatible way with other petrochemical companies of the world. In our company, we produce various types of petrochemical products such as petroleum jelly (with different grades), mineral oil, cable jelly compounds, filing optical fibers, foot’s oil and emulsion wax paraffin wax, and micro wax, the last of which is the topic of this article. Although the variety of our products is a lot, we are not careless about their quality. After so many years of experience, research, and development, we could maintain and improve the quality of our products alongside their diversity. Follow us in this article to learn more about Navid Noor paraffin wax’s various types.

What is paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax is a derivative of petroleum jelly. The material is a white, solid, and colorless soft wax which is the main ingredient in candle making, pharmaceutical industry, food packaging, and cosmetics. Navid Noor is a manufacturer of paraffin wax with high-quality standards, due to the precise process of production which is associated with removing impurities from the main product. As a result of such a subtle process of production, Navid Noor paraffin wax is one of the most demanding and popular products of the company. Paraffin wax can be an effective aid for curing sore joints and even muscles. It is a product suitable for spa treatments on feet, hands, cuticles, and skin salons.

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The difference between semi-refined and fully refined paraffin wax?

Navid Noor company is the biggest manufacturer of paraffin wax in Iran which produces two different grades of the product. The fully refined paraffin wax has much in common with the semi-refined one. Although they are quite different from each other. Both of these paraffin are from high-quality ingredients and the only difference is the level of purity. It is crystal clear that the semi-refined paraffin wax of Navid Noor company is not as pure as the fully refined one. But it is a cost-efficient product for those industries which do not need fully refined paraffin. For instance, candle-making companies can use semi-refined paraffin wax instead of fully refined ones.

Fully refined paraffin wax of Navid Noor includes some characteristics as follows:

  • The oil content is low and the melting point is high
  • The texture of the product is completely smooth and consistent
  • It is possible to produce food-grade and non-toxic ones
  • It is an appropriate product for industries such as candle making, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and food packaging

Although fully refined paraffin wax is the most popular type of paraffin wax, some industries can use less pure paraffin in their production process in a way that does not affect the quality of their final product. Semi-refined paraffin wax has some special features which are as follows:

  • The oil content ranges between 3-5% and 1-3% based on the grade
  • It is a multifaceted material appropriate for rubber industries, candle-making industries, and …
  • Reasonable price in comparison to fully refined paraffin wax
  • Different grades with various melting points are available

Semi-refined paraffin wax is a demanding product among clients which is due to its high quality and compatibility with different industries.

The Enduring History and Uses of Petroleum Jelly and Parrafin Wax

Conclusion on the manufacturer of paraffin wax

Navid Noor has been the best and most remarkable manufacturer of paraffin wax in Iran since 1997. The company is proud of having more than 850 clients from different parts of the world. Producing high-quality products is the reason for our success through 25 years of experience in producing petrochemical products. Our expert team alongside our workers try their best to produce competitive products. The company produces both fully refined and semi-refined paraffin wax in various grades for all groups of industries. The final product will be packed based on the orders of our clients and it is completely customizable. Navid Noor company’s standard packaging for paraffin wax is 4*6 kilogram slabs in cartons or PP bags.

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