manufacturer of petroleum jelly

manufacturer of petroleum jelly

Navid Noor Company is the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran. With a wide range of high-quality products in different grades, Navid Noor company could satisfy its clients’ needs and demands. We are glad to be regarded as the first choice of most companies in different parts of the world. Those who are engaged in petroleum industries know that the quality and purity of the products are the most important part of the chain. We as the manufacturer of soft paraffin believe that the quality and purity of the products are the reasons for success in the industry; therefore, our team of experts has precise control over the process of producing the petroleum jelly. Follow us in this article to get familiar with Navid Noor’s company as one of the main manufacturers and exporters of petroleum jelly.

What is petroleum jelly?

Petroleum jelly is a derivation product of petroleum which is the most effective and in need product in cosmetic and even medicine industries. Petroleum jelly is a semi-solid product mainly from hydrocarbons. However, hydrocarbons should have carbon numbers of more than 25 to make petroleum jelly.

  • Physical features

Navid Noor company as the manufacturer of petrolatum has strict control and tests over the final product. Since we believe in high-quality and competitive products, we focus on the physical features of our petroleum jelly first. We produce colorless petroleum jelly which is highly distilled in the process of production. The melting point of petroleum jelly somehow ranges from 40 to 70 °C. Navid Noor petroleum jelly is devoid of smell and taste because it is a 100 % pure product.

manufacturer of petroleum jelly and Petroleum jelly uses

As an effective and useful component in a wide range of industries, petroleum jelly is one of the most demanding products. Navid Noor company is proud of being the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly with high quality that meets the international standards in the field. It is the quality of petroleum jelly that determines in which industry we can use it. Here is some industry in demand for petroleum jelly.

  • Medical Use

Petroleum jelly is regarded to reduce scarring by moisturizing skin injuries. For those who have skin resurfacing operations by laser, petroleum jelly can act as a protector against the moisture loss of the patient. Otolaryngologists (ear, throat, and nose surgeons) use petroleum jelly for treating epistaxis and nasal moisture and also against nasal crusting. NPJ722 and NPJ822 are two high-grade petroleum jellies of Navid Noor company which are the best choice for the pharmaceutical industry with oil binding capacity.

  • Skin Care Use

Navid Noor company is a manufacturer of petroleum jelly with high standards that meet the needs of the skincare and cosmetic industry. Our product is the basic ingredient of skin lotions and cosmetics. Petroleum jelly is regarded as the preventer of chapped lips and hands and softener of nail cuticles.

  • Coating Use

Different grades of petroleum jelly have different uses. As the manufacturer of petroleum jelly in different grades, Navid Noor company produces this product even for coating use. Petroleum jelly is a high-consumption product in the shipping industry for its coating usage Since the product is insoluble in water and meanwhile, it is environmentally friendly when used underwater. Besides its industrial usage, petroleum jelly is the basic ingredient of most of the skin pomades.

  • Pet-Friendly Product

One of the uses of petroleum jelly is moisturizing animal paws like dogs. Petroleum jelly is also the main ingredient of Hairball remedy which is used for domestic cats.

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Pure petroleum jelly

manufacturer of petroleum jelly Conclusion

Navid Noor company is a manufacturer of petroleum jelly with high quality and based on international standards. All of Our products have certification and approval from international laboratories. As the bulk producer of petroleum jelly, we believe in the quality of the product as the main basis of the entity. With more than 850 clients from 55 countries around the world, our company could introduce itself as one of the main players in the industry. The convenience of the customers is our motto through the production of petroleum jelly. Based on that, we forge our company toward success and achievements.

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