the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran

the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran

To be the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran means making remarkable efforts, gaining experience and eye-catching quality are important factors in overtaking rival companies. Being an active company regarding all the necessary factors calls for being the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran. In the petrochemical industry, Navid Noor company started its adventure by producing and exporting all types of petroleum jelly, paraffin waxes, and oils 1997, located in Isfahan, Iran.

A wide range of different petrochemical products such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline), paraffin wax, paraffin oil, mineral oil, and filling optical fibers are produced in the company. Navid Noor company has always tried to attract the customers’ attention and satisfaction. The company is proud of focusing on respecting customers and providing their needs via remarkable human resources and great performance. This article aims to provide readers with information regarding the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran.

The biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran

As the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran, Navid Noor company can produce high-quality products for its customers all around the world. Petroleum jellies are commonly used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Based on the knowledge of the company’s specialists, even customers from the warmest zones in the world can reach their needs; since the company’s products are resistant to heat and suitable for all climates.

Navid Noor has gained the title of the greatest manufacturer due to so many reasons. Firstly, the great focus is on the products’ quality checks by the experts. The company offers customers a wide range of products at a competitive price, trying to follow their requirements. Secondly, Navid Noor company has seven offices all around the world in which the customers can meet their needs without losing time. The other special feature of the company is its eco-friendly characteristic which makes the products with no harm to nature.

Characteristics of petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the main products of the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran which is a skincare product with a wide range of applications. Originating from petroleum, it is a semi-solid product used by all generations and industries. One of the uses of Noor petroleum jelly is being a famous moisturizer for the skin by leaving a protective layer on the skin surfaces trying to hydrate the skin and protect it from rash and stretch marks. Another important use of petroleum jelly is its soft and tender nature which makes it a great substance to improve small cuts and burnings. It makes the injured skin area clean, and damp and heals it.

Many people have trouble with dry lips and skin, especially in autumn and winter. Using Noor petroleum jelly is a beneficial way for all ages. As the main ingredient of lip balm, it helps to heal the dryness. It can also be used as a makeup cleaner because of its gentle and smooth nature. The petroleum jelly removes all kinds of makeup, even the waterproof and long-lasting lipstick and mascaras. There are many other beneficial and interesting usages of petroleum jelly; some of the characteristics are briefly mentioned:

  • Moisturizing effect
  • Lubrication effect
  • Insoluble in water
  • Tattoo aftercare
  • Semi-solid product
  • Having no smell or taste (pure petroleum jelly)
  • Diaper rash prevention
  • No oxidation in the air

Among lots of various characteristics of petroleum jelly, the above features are more eye-catching. Such characteristics of petroleum jelly are the primary reasons for its demanding market all around the world. We are proud to be one of the most remarkable producers of petroleum-based products by the international standards.

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Navid Noor company the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran produces various types of high-quality petroleum jelly products suitable for different common industrial uses. Having a wide range of characteristics, petroleum jelly products are very popular around the world. Navid Noor respects the customers and strives to regard all the factors to absorb their attention and satisfaction. The company has different offices in different continents which makes it easier for the customers to follow their requirements with affordable and competitive prices. Navid Noor company is the biggest manufacturer of petroleum jelly in Iran which sticks to the company’s policies and endeavors to improve the product’s quality, prices, and packaging.

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